Sending e-mail notifications

You can configure HTML Forms to send out an email notification whenever your form is successfully submitted.

To set this up, edit your form and open up the “Actions” tab. Near the bottom of the page should be a heading titled “Available actions” with an “Email” button.

Clicking that “Email” button will add a settings block to the page that should look somewhat like this.

Configuring the email action

Here’s what each setting does.


The email address that the email should be sent to.

Use the name attribute of your email field here if you want to send an email to the person filling out the form.

If you have a field named EMAIL then using [EMAIL] will use that field’s value.


The email address that should be sending the email.

It is advised to pick an address with the same domain name as your website here, to prevent ending up in someone’s SPAM folder. For example, if your website is then is better than


The subject of your email message. This field also accepts field value placeholders.


The actual message body of the email.